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 > Ready to create a career and life you LOVE?

> Are you unfulfilled and burnt-out?

> Do you know you need a career change but don’t know where to begin?

>  Are you stressed and overwhelmed with your job search?


I'm here to help you ditch the overwhelm, transform the negative self talk, get clear on what you want and how you will get there and provide the accountability to get you towards your goals, faster and easier. 

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"Pamella is an AMAZING coach! I am continuously surprised at just how powerful our sessions have been, and am so extremely grateful to have found her as my coach. The transformation I have felt these last few months - in both my career and in life - is truly indescribable. Not only have I grown and achieved so much, but there's also this deep sense of calm balanced beautifully with feelings of inspiration and joy.

Pamella has this amazing ability to make you feel so connected and taken care of with her warm, calm & professional vibes. I SO look forward to our sessions every week & can't imagine my life without them now! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to find their true path on a deep level - both in career and in life."



The Career Change Programme  

Who you are: You are the twenty to thirty something who did it all right. You got the promotion, have travelled (pre covid!) and your IG says you are living your best life… but deep down you are wondering where this life and career is all headed and if it really aligns with your true self – who ever that even is. You know you need a career change, but you don't know where to start.

What you're finding challenging: It’s not immediately clear what isn’t working out, but you know you are sick of waking up on Monday feeling 'meh' about the week ahead. You believed your life would have more meaning, and you  know deep down you are ready for more.   

Even if on the surface life looks good, there is a deeper sense of unease in understanding what you really want or what your true purpose is. Perhaps it’s a career change, starting that side hustle or moving country… 

You are seeking: Clarity, direction and purpose in your career and life. A deeper awareness and connection to who you are, to better understand what lights you up and what has been holding you back. 

You are looking not just to find a career that truly aligns with you but to truly find yourself. You want the confidence to step into your power and embrace all you are capable of.

What is it: The Career Change Programme is a high touch, 9 week, 1:1 programme specifically designed to help you make an empowered career change. Whether you have some ideas on what you want, or have no idea at all, this takes you from unsure and unfulfilled to clear and empowered.

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What changed for you as a result of the career coaching we did together?

"I started my own business and have a clear goal for my future I understand what drives me, what I do, and don’t need to think about and what holds me back. I learnt about my toxic thought patterns and how important a routine is to give every day purpose for building towards my future happiness."

What did you enjoy the most or the least about the coaching experience?

The freedom to direct my thought pattern and channel the session in my own way each time I think you could tell how difficult I was finding every tasks and there was zero pressure just a complete open thought bubble to share and pick how we proceeded which enabled me to understand my thoughts and feelings and get some sort of direction! The best feeling in a really insecure and unstable headspace! Thank you!



Support with your Job Search or Career Transition

Who you are: You are an ambitious professional ready or already looking for the next step. Whether this is a step across, up, or something completely different, you are about to embark in your job search and you want to get it right.  

What you're finding challenging right now: Perhaps you have already had some set backs, rejections or even been ghosted. You are looking for professional, honest and pragmatic support with your search. Your friends, family and trusted peers have done their best but now you want an expert. It’s not immediately clear what isn’t working out, but you know you won’t get what you want by doing what you have always done. 

What you are seeking: Take actionable steps to make your job search efficient and purposeful with a thorough review of your CV and personal branding. To understand your worth and know how to negotiate your salary or pay rise with results. Greater confidence and a plan of action so you can take meaningful steps and actually progress in your search. 

What is it: Schedule a 1 week intensive which includes a 1:1, 90 minute deep dive into any aspect of your job search that you are struggling with right now. Whether that's updating your CV/resume, getting clear on what you want and how to find it, preparing for interview or managing a salary negotiation.   You can risk it on your own or get support on demand so you can move forward, with confidence and reassurance you are taking the right type of action. 

Yes, book me in.

"Pamella’s session was so eye opening and empowering. She has a lovely, calm manner and is so easy to open to.  She has a very natural way of getting you to think about your outcome and how to get there and then guiding you towards an 'a-ha' moment! I didn’t really know what to expect with my first coaching session, but it exceeded my expectations. I felt relaxed, heard and so well supported. I left the session feeling clear, positive and confident on my next steps with regard to my new career. I’d highly recommend Pamella as a coach, I absolutely loved our session - thank you!"


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